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Yayap is the name of a very famous Chimp.

Biography Edit

Yayap's early years were boring and uneventful so lets skip them... When he was 12 he joined the army to fight alien stuff and see hot Grunt chicks. He was recruited into the special forces, where there are no hot chicks, so he betrayed them all by helping Master Chief blow up the Alpha Hula Hoop. He was condemned and locked up but was released on special orders from Kwarsh as long as he joined the council. Yayap agreed and finally, after the long and bloody War on Pants, he settled into a peaceful leadership with Kwarsh. He Then joined with the AntiTruth to serve as the right-hand man. Due to fate, and the Prophesied Scrolls of the Awesome, The AntiTruth betrayed him after gaining a High Power, exiling all Grunts to the Alpha Hula Hoop, along with Yayap, whom most died when it blew up.


  1. Holds the guiness world record for the most boring childhood in existence
  2. Became supreme leader of the Covenant at only 15
  3. Was the first ever Kwarsh-Era Heretic (Revoked) not to be thrown into the Heretic Pit, built just 3 weeks earlier
  4. Is related to the pope Yayap family.
  5. Kicked ass

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