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Cquote10h my f***ing god did you see that l33t-a$$ kill? Dude I just pwnt that guy so h4rd...Cquote2
— 6 year-old who should NOT be on xBox live.
Cquote1Why don't we have both?Cquote2
— A little girl in response to Bungie deciding if they should have a Shotgun or Noob Combo in Halo 3.
Cquote1L0l pwnz0rz!Cquote2
— A noob on the Mauler
The Mall-er, also known as Satan's Pistol or the Noob Shotgun or again referred to as the pussy pistol or the drugger is the noobiest weapon in Halo 3. It is mainly brandished by people who are losing the game, is only used for near-instant kills,and was made by Darth Maul.
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This is the Mauler, after going to the Spartan Laser's fashion store.

The main tactic for the Mall-er is to fire, and then hit the guy with the knife on the bottom of the weapon. Usually results in an instant kill, much to 1337 player's dismay. It usually is followed by a gratuitously long t-bag and the kid who just killed you screaming at the top of his lungs and yelling words 6 year-olds like him should NOT know and afterwards you will be infected with the NOOB virus.

It has been noted that Bungie took the thing out of tiny maps, because people wouldn't stop complaining.

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