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Cquote1When this is over, this hammer's going up somebody's ass!Cquote2
— Brute Chieftain with the Banhammer
Cquote1 gravity, yeah, yeah, yeah!Cquote2
— a really retarded brute
Cquote1Me smash better now!Cquote2
— Brute, after finding a Gravy Hammer
Cquote1Me bad me bad !Cquote2
— A Grunt charged with super Gruntiness stealing a gravy hammer from a dead Brute
Cquote1HAHAHA, I whacked the little human with my big, hard stick thingy!Cquote2
— A Brute Chieftan killing a Marine
Cquote1HAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAAAAAAA smashy boom boom!Cquote2
— A Grunt using a gravy hammer to f*** himself
Cquote1Mine's way biggerCquote2
— Master Chief about Gravy Hammer
Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Gravity Hammer still smashes YOU!!!!Cquote2
— Russian reversal on Gravity hammer  
Cquote1All Right!! Now I can make mashed potatoes!!!Cquote2
— Master Chief upon finding a gravity hammer
Cquote14 Gr4v17y h4mm3r? 4W H311111 N4W!!1Cquote2
— n00b upon finding a gravity hammer
Created by Billy Mays (as seen on T.V.) the Gravy Hammer spews gravy that burns your skin at tempatures of OVER 9000 TEMPATURES (also known as the Gravity Spammer or the Gravity Hammeror "a shitty brute version of an energy sword") is a commonly used    wanking walking stick of the Brutes. Once wanked whacked an enemy in the head, gravy comes out. Lots of gravy. Enough to make a grunt pretty damn horny. It runs on pure gruntiness, but it runs out really quickly and that makes it crap. The underpowered piece of shit excuse for a swo- I mean Gravy Hammer has a large blade on its edge, but the blade is just for fancy shows and attracting horny alien prostitutes in order for Swagfags to get a date.

Common examples of gravy hammers.

No Grunt has ever wielded the Gravy Hammer ("Chipote Chillon" in Mèxico, don't make me tell you why, please), but if they did, it would result in... Well, something bad, like say... a severely horny Grunt, or the death of all life as we know it, or the Invincible Grunt. That or they wouldn't be able to lift it. That would look funny. So funny that Hunters WOULD jerk off to it, but their dicks are just a single nightcrawler, so if they try, they just rip their dicks off.

This melee weapon seems to make a sonic blast after it is swung near the gravitational surface of a map that results in a nearby opponent in front of you to "blast" farther back or die. Unlike the energy sword, this weapon is more fucktarded, and does deplete more electrostatic gravity charge (ammo) if you swing at the air for fun.

Gravity hammer

A Brute and Spartan party dual with gravy hammers

Some Grunts were known after several wanking uses of this weapon to become severely horny angry, and would trip over their own testicles and become tangled up in them, due to the weight. This could take out AIDS warriors with one

wank smack.

It has a brother. Its name is Banhammer. Banhammer always wins.

Kitchen ApplianceEdit

Brutes also use this to make applesauce and mashed potatoes. Humans use it as either drinols or golf clubs. Grunts go fucking gangsta on things with one.

Ban HammerEdit

This is another version of the weapon used by the Admins of Halopedia, Halo Fanon and Gruntipedia and the uber-awesome Flaming Ninjas. It's basically the same, except it's on fire and it kills in one swipe. But, they can also use it to bring killed users back from the dead. A swing to the face will send you on a one way trip to Bantown, where you will be forced to live with a crowd of noobs and hackers and forced to end your shenanigans in the real world.

Golf ClubEdit

Mythic map pack Sandbox has a version called the 9-Wood (7-Wood n00b get it straight). It does almost no damage, but inflicts major damage to balls, sending them flying from their previous location inside of the n00bs belly (for they have not dropped yet), into the nearest actually good player. Some players call it the 7-Wood the "Grunt Wood" because it has a grunt on it and it kicks ass... well smashes it...

Bill MurrayEdit

He used one of these once. Back in Vietnam...


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