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Cquote1I think that the Brutes made the spike grenade to "compensate" for something...Cquote2
— A Marine who is about to get the shit kicked out of him by a Brute.
Cquote1It’s like a table leg with machetes bolted to it. Who the hell makes a weapon like that? Did those guys actually get up into space on their own?Cquote2
— Some d00d.
Cquote1When you decide to throw one of these things make sure to tell everyone around you, ‘cause they are dangerous all the way there.Cquote2
— Another d00d.
Cquote1It’s not as heavy as it looks, but it’s still like trying to throw a softball bat.Cquote2
— Moar d00dz.
Cquote1Those things ain’t made to wound anyone – to make you use up time and resources treating casualties. They were designed to make you die screaming.Cquote2
— Some bitchy d00d.
Cquote1It’s like a Shotgun that shoots flaming chainsaws at mike foxtrots – except you throw it.Cquote2
— "Top Men" explaining how it works.

Giant Spike Grenade

A marine, demonstrating how to "hold" the Spike Grenade.

The Spike Grenade is a weapon made by the Brutes in their attack on the Humans. Though some believe that it was made to help the Brutes make up for...something they lack. I mean come on people, we have all seen Brutes with out their armor on, and yet never a penis.

Overview Edit

Spike nade


The Spike Grenade can be used to take on many Humans at a time. When the grenade gets to the point of explosion, it goes off in all directions, hitting everything in the area. The force is high impact, so it drives in deep. To make things worse, it shoots spikes (hence the name) all over the place. This is very dangerous, and could put somebody's eye out! (Notice how the Brutes' attempted replacement is designed to explode and cause pain!)

Brutes also sometimes use these grenades to blow the balls off Grunts when they are bored of just slicing them off with the knife attached to the Gravity Hammer. Since Brutes are told to remove the Grunts' balls, they sometimes decide to have sick fun doing it. Usually, however, it just kills the grunt and sometimes injures the brute. This practice is frowned upon, but only when the Brute survives and the Grunt doesn't. I mean, come on! Everyone gets a good laugh when someone gets their balls cut off! Unless they are the victim, of course...


  1. Parody penis jokes.
  2. Parody penis exploding jokes.
  3. Dildo.
    • Do not try this at home.
    • May cause anal bleeding, hemmorage, potato head, AIDS, Jimmy Stewart, and last but most importantly and signafacintltelty anal rape.
  4. Multi-pronged nose picker.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!!!!
  7. Your mother
  8. A bomb you fucking Noob
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