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Cquote1Nah, I think those are birds.Cquote2
— Random UNSC Serviceman prior to his death.
Cquote1In soviet Russia, Brute shot explodes YOU!Cquote2
— Russian reversal on Brute shot
— The Meta
Brute shot

When You see this, you better run Bitch.

Brute Shots(aka Rock Slinger/Money Shot/gun with pizza cutter on the end of it/knifle/Japanese penis/Meta's penis) are used by their namesakes, Brutes, because they need to use giant vehicles and sharp weapons to compensate for something. Apparently, Brutes got somewhat smarter in Halo 3, and the Brute Shot is somewhat now godlike, and all the Brutes can pick up Brutettes easier with one of those babies hanging on their belt. It is of course, the biggest thing on, or intheir belt.
For whatever reason, Humans can't even use Brute Shots, probably because none (at least) don't need to compensate. What is surprising, however, is that the genetically modified SPARTAN criminals can use these too, even though they are fabled to have impressive wangs. Even so, the fact they are about as sexually active as a dead parrot due to their "enhancements", they can use the Brute Shot even with competent penises. Elites use them too, but usually make fun of you when you give them one, as they will ask how the f**k they use them then when u tell them how, they seem to get more kills than you and your 'assists.'

have you ever noticed that the blade can't cut on a brute shot? And it also has a weird thing on the front that is not even used whatsoever.

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