Cquote1you idiot watch where you use that thing.Cquote2
— A Brute angry at another Brute.
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Semi-Advanced Nailguns invented by the giant apes.
Cquote1I wrote a rap about the Spiker: Hey spiky spiker you're so spiky, *beatboxing* Lemme use that spiker!Cquote2
— Soulja Boy the Jackal
Cquote1DAMN YOU YOU F***TARD!!!Cquote2
— Marine one-liner for getting shot by a Spiker.
Cquote1God damnit, watch where you're pointin' that thing!!!Aim at house, not head!!!Cquote2
— A Brute Chieftan gettin' shot the head by a nailgun.
Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Spiker nail YOU!Cquote2
— A random Brute on the Spiker
Cquote1Why does gun shoot magic thingz at mah facce?Cquote2
— A retarted brute

|Spiker? Used it once or twice, it's the thing that shoots red plasma, right? |90% of players on the Spiker }}

AV Johnson
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The Nailgun is a construction tool used by Brutes in combination with Hammers to make a home for happy little Grunts to live in.

A common example of a nailgun.

It shoots foot-long yellow spikes that are really hot, which is why the Brutes's wooden houses never worked. They are so hot because the Brutes did not want to get Tetanus from stepping on them, which is similar to AIDS. A remarkably smart tactic, for a Brute.

The Brutes recently found out that the Nailgun can be used as a weapon. A very painful weapon. They don't call 'em Brutes for nothing.

Halo 1Edit

They don't exist in Halo 1.

Halo 2Edit

Nope, still aren't there. The Brute Plasma Rifle was an epic failure of a weapon that I suppose was like a Spiker. Didn't really offer to much construction capability though :(

Halo 3Edit

There they are. The Nailgun is mostly used by Brute construction workers, in conjunction with Gravity hammers. They are also used to torture slaves and for burning down wooden structures. Despite being extremely primative as weapons, spikers are capable of completely destroying shields and ripping through highly advanced armor; yet don't seem to have enough velocity to go 10 feet withough falling outta the sky. Never-the-less, Spikers look cool, have a cool flash, cool sound effect, and are the favored weapons of not only Brutes, but apparently Heavy Grunts (ones that work on Phantoms, anyways), since shooting one out of the sky will cause any "Emergency Drafted Paratroopers" to jump out, and immediatly begin using it. Nailguns can be dual-weilded for maximum lulz.

Halo: ReachEdit

They're here too. And they suck, because you can't dual-wield them anymore.

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