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Cquote1I committed suicide. Feels waaaaayyy better nowCquote2
— A Marine. (I know, how the heck is he talking?)
Cquote1Why do we need a freaking quote section in a page about suicide!!Cquote2
— A Marine with no sense of humor
Cquote1[Suicide is the] best way to get out of a tough situation.Cquote2
— The Random Grunt on suicide
Cquote1Hey! Suicide isn't funny! My brother committed suicide!Cquote2
— Random Halopedian
Suicide gun

The preferred tool of suicide, not available in Halo.

Suicide is the famous act of someone killing themself.

There are few possible ways to commit suicide in the Hoola-Hoop games, since Bungie forgot to add a magical pill or a backwards gun.

Methods Edit

While there countless of non-existent ways to suicide in the Halo games, we will just list the efficient existent and good ways to kill yourself... because you really should.

One way to kill yourself, and also a increasingly popular suicide method, is to place a grenade up your ass or crotch. Just get one, pull the circle thing from the grenade, put it in a secure place in the anus, then wait. You should die by now, but if the grenade fails to explode, you're screwed. Note that Unggoy use a similar method: they take out two plasma grenades, run toward their enemy, (screaming like a maniac) and blow up.

Another way, though an unpopular method, due to it resulting in much pain, is to ask your Doctor to stuff 7 Needles in you at once.

Choose your death. Now. Hurry. Go on. Stop stalling.

Todd reach

A game about suicide.

How to Suicide Edit

  1. Grab a gun.
  2. Shove it as far as you can up your mouth.
  3. Pull the trigger.
  4. walk into corner and fire rocket lawn chair at wall.

Note: Failure of following instructions will keep you alive, or win you a free hospital bed...