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Cquote1I kill people because people kill... ahh faster!Cquote2
— A random noob teabagging another noob
Cquote1HA! These guys are nOObs!!Cquote2
— A regular Slayer player beating the shit out of all the other players
Spartan fighter

Two Spartans engaged in a intense death match.

Slayer is a gametype for Halo 1, Halo 2, and pretty much every game that has "Halo" and a following digit in its name. You kill your enemies, kill your friends' enemies, kill your friends, kill fish in High Ground, killed by Guardians, kill people and teabag them, kill people and call them noob before getting killed, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill and kill. Because killing is what Slayer is all about.

Slayer has become the new national sport of 30 different countries, including Canada and Japan.


Slayer: A classic, kill all, version of Slayer. The most preferred version of Slayer for campers and homicidal idiots who like to kill their Elite buddies/Spartan brothers and sisters, and rape their dead corpses.

Team Slayer: The version of Slayers specially made for noobs. This basically requires you hiding, while the non-noobs eliminate all resistance and themselves. Teamwork at its best.

Other: Basically just you with special power-ups and weapons meant to appeal to noobs and other players. Just the same thing as the first two.


It was made to give Brutes something to do, and Grunts ways to fight over Food Nipples. Currently, all Slayer players are given Gruntiness injections before hand.