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— Sentinel upon seeing da chief.
— Sentinel upon seeing The Armbiter.
Cquote1WTF 0mg th4t wuz 50 ch33p.Cquote2
— Noob having died after killing a Sentinel with a Sword.
Cquote1I'm A FIRIN MA LAZOR!Cquote2
— Setinel who is very angry.
— Sentinel upon it's own death


Sentinels (also known as the Big Flying Silver Trafic Cones With Lasers, later on Big Flying Gold Traffic Cones with more stronger Lasers And Mr beepster AND The morons that started of this crap ugly bastard babies. ) were made by the Morons that started all of this crap and their knickname, "Traffic cones" were based on their ancestors.

Their usual work is to kill Flood and work as fart miners in the heritic's evil lair where they get payed in plastic sea shells while the lightbulbs sit back and eat nachos with choclate dipped sniper turkey.

Other typesEdit

There also have cousins known as Sentinel Enforcers. Actually,there was one sentinel, known as the Needler Sentinel but the Arbiter killed him without even noticing so now the Needler Sentinels are extinct. In Halo 2, Master Chief never got a chance to meet sentinels because the Arbiter murdered all of them before he can get a chance to even fight one, he couldn't even be introduced to enforcers

Sentinel Preps making a star to take a photo and put on facebook.

or the gold sentinels or the constructors because of the Arbiter's pitifulness.

Sentinels fire a powerful energy beam, which the Master Chief and the Arbiter enjoy stealing off them. Sentinels get rather upset at this, as...

A) It's the only weapon they actually have.

B) It's the only thing they actually have. except lame arms

c)Youd have to kill one to get its l4z3r


Sentinels come in three colours, but black doesn't look good, so they stick with either gold or silver. Shiny metallic colours look good, whereas black doesn't. That goes out to you, emos!

They get along with Enforcers, though even they get scared by robots THAT big.

When they get bored, they enjoy firin thier lazorz at school busses.

Known SentinelsEdit

There might've been more, but Arby 'n the Chief probably killed them all...