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The term Criminally Insane is generally used to describe when an AI has passed its sell-by date. When AIs reach this date, they begin to have dreams of power, and sex. One of these was Cortana. Another one was 343 Guilty Spark. Also called "Rampancy" (emo), they tend to hide in the shadows and knock off a round or two as years pass by, waiting to take over all of the universe (or a big, green Mr. T's mind)! While an insane AI can inhabit another unit's armor or cybernetic being, usualy it still goes unnoticed. Although there was a concern that a bonded AI could cause the "bondee" to become insane, it was proven "mostly false". The key word is "mostly" in that phrase.

Being Criminally Insane usually turns gayeyes AIs into homosexuals, which is the main reason why Cortana in Halo Legends turns life-size to try and talk to MC or try to kill Master Chief, and why 343 Guilty Spark is so dumb.

Rampancy is a three-stage process that is a result of the uncontrolled expansion of an A.I, this is stimulated in a four - stage process: depression, crankiness, jealousy, and (very very rare) meta-stability (when it can be considered human)

  1. Depression is when an A.I is sad because no one shown up for their birthday, and this causes them to be sad for anywhere between 4-6 weeks.
  2. Crankiness is when they hate everything because their superiors mistreated them.
  3. Jealousy is when they are obsessed with wanting to be human because they see humans do stuff and they want to but can't because they aren't human.
  4. Meta-stability is, essentialy, when an A.I can be considered "human" not much is known about this phase because no A.I has survived to this point.