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Prophet of Truth
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Cquote1Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument. How was that? Was that too menacing? Oh crap the mic's still on!Cquote2
— Prophet of Truth, intimidating the Humans
Cquote1Does Truth know that the glyphs on his headdress read "I desire young males"?Cquote2
— A Forerunner on Truth
Cquote1I think he does.Cquote2
— Another forerunner to the above


Cquote1Let me get uhhh... breadsticks... uhhh... large wings... uhh...Cquote2
— -- Prophet of Truth providing rations.<span
— {{{2}}}
Cquote1I... 4m... TRuth! Th3 v0IC3 0f Th3 K0v3N4Nt!Cquote2
— Truth on himself

The Prophet of Truth was a lowly prophet in the Covenant society, yet popped three gangsters, Tolerance, Obligation and Restraint to get to power, as a High Prophet. He laughs with scorn. Over time, he has had a string of successful book deals, chronicling his rise of power through lowly cleric to Master of the Sith Order. He is also the author of (shudder) the Great Covenant Book of Jokes, which is also, disturbingly, a biography.


Truth, aka. Darth Norris XVI, started life as a lowly Noob Marine. With his homeworld under the brutal occupation of Brutes, he did the only natural thing: He fought them, eventually rising to become the head of the entire world. He left the planet to its constant wars in order to realize his ambitions of become a leader of the Sith, but his string of affairs and realization that he was just too powerful put a stop to that. In anger, he realized that instead of a benevolent and merciful pontiff he should instead rise to become a brutal and genocidal dictator.

After winning the 2008 US elections, narrowly beating out Barrack Obama in the finals and taking Hillary Clitoris as his Sith apprentice, he used America as his playground, quickly forcing an underground resistance to turn to Britain for aid. In revenge for seventy years of arrogance, they turned their noses up, until they realised that this was exactly what the French were doing to them. Truth realised the imminent invasion of the UK, and set out defeat them once more. (note: French are descended from Brutes)

He was eventually released from an Argentinian prison on parole for good behavior, and immediately set new plans into action. He pretended to have a religious conversion about our lord and savior, entering the ASMW, eventually rising to the position of Head Pimp of China. During his stint as a holy man, numerous children laid complaints of sexual violation (Like the pope), but he was eventually found innocent after a personal inquiry by then-Perfecto Pimp Mercy. After Mercy's death at the hands of Al Qaeda, Crews superceded him, seizing swift and immediate control of the ASMW, and declaring all non-believers to be heretics. Nobody cared. In frustration, Truth left Earth, vowing vengeance.

He later turned up, ravaged by centuries being lost on a forgotten Brute world, in charge of a tiny backwater groups

Truth silenced

Truth getting silenced

called the Covenant. He led a genocidal war against some humans, but was killed by some dude. Nobody remembers him.

Recent Diss SongEdit

The recent fastest selling song 'Whatever You Hate' featuring T.I. is the fastest selling song in the Covenant. It
Halo Reference

This picture explains itself...

starts when a Grunt goes to McDonalds and get stabbed by a Energy Sword. The song starts when Master Chief and Arbiter laugh at him and drive away in there Lamborghini. Just like when Truth died. Then T.I. starts to sing: "You can have Whatever You Hate! *laughs* Just like the piece of bate...Truth." The Prophet Of Haters also ghostwrote the instrumental.

Names he has been calledEdit

  • Honey Bunches (only by brutes)
  • Supreme Overlord
  • You
  • Prophet of Lies
  • Master of the lousy jokes
  • The opposite of Chuck Norris
  • Sexy (Not sure who called him that, but...)

Contradiction of Name/sEdit

Seeing as how Truth tells lies, Junkie Studios is stupid and should be exiled to Halopedia for their utmost stupidity in naming. This fact is also known to piss of the actual Prophet of Lies and possibly the lesser known Prophet of Contradiction.


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