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The Prophet of Regret (A.K.A. the the really big wimp) is really old and always sat on that chair and was killed by Master Chief and after that, turned into the one of the dead plant thing's noodles.

early lifeEdit

Regret grew up in the horseshoe-ship and like to drink grunt's food nipple and ever since has secretly loved grunts

Attack on the place with grass and waterEdit

Regret brought some Sniper Turkeys, and grunts and a bigger can of worms but wimped out and ran to delta hula-hoop

Delta HaloEdit

After the attack regret ran to the hula hoop and the green guy with a gun killed him by jumping onto his chair and punching him and making a big mess (as opposed to getting shot, which would have been a lot more convenient.


When he died the noodle monster turned into another one of one of his noodles where he met lightbulb's brother: the red lightbulb