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a Spartans worst nightmare... MORE HUNTERS!!!

Cquote1Cats, I'm a kitty cat, and I meow meow meow and I meow meow meowCquote2
— Something that resembles a hunter but is NOT a hunter
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Mega Legos.
Cquote1*Quaking growl*Cquote2
— Pissed off Hunter.
Cquote1*Quaking growl*Cquote2
— Psychotic Hunter gone rampant.
Cquote1*Quaking growl*Cquote2
— Hunter on his 'lil bro.
Cquote1*Quaking growl*Cquote2
— Hunter on something complex and philosophical.
Cquote1*Quaking growl*Cquote2
— Hunter sex tape
Cquote1Ohh shit, it's a Hunter! Save me Chuck Norris!Cquote2
— Marine as usual making the Chief save his sorry little ass.
Cquote1If I am made up of worms, why can't I just rearrange the worms around the bullet so it goes through me?Cquote2
— A smart Hunter, who later found out he couldn't do it that fast
Cquote1So I was fighting the Demon when I suddenly had an idea. "Make starting the Great Journey Easier!" So I called the High Council and told them my idea. 2 games later, Boom! Now we're safer while fighting Humans! I'm Ogada Nosa Fasu, and Stomach Armor was MY idea!Cquote2
— A really smart Hunter in a commercial.
Cquote1How the hell can I see if I have no eyes?!Cquote2
— The same smart Hunter.
Cquote1 Am I cousins with the Scarab? Cquote2
— Still the same smart Hunter.
Cquote1 Sort of. It seams that the Orange worms within the Armour that form a Hunter are also present in a Scarab, presumably as the controll systemCquote2
— A different Smart Hunter answering the previous one
Cquote1 I better watch out, I dont want to get heart worms!!Cquote2
— A Hunter comedian trainee.
Cquote1 Why the hell am I made of orange squirming Dicks?Cquote2
— A Hunter with a REALLY good question.
Cquote1Has anyone ever noticed that "Mgalekgolo" suspiciously sounds like "Mega Lego"? And that how they are Lekgolo put together is similar to how Legos put together make something? What's up with that?Cquote2
J'Suz Kusov on Hunters
Cquote1 I see something, I shoot at it, it diesCquote2
— An anonymos Hunter uncovering the very basics of Hunter combat strategy.
Cquote1If we eat metal then why can't we just eat the bullets we're shot at with?Cquote2
— A Hunter later realizing that he actually could.
Cquote1Howcome they keep on changing their size?Cquote2
Otha' Letham on the multiple sizes of Hunters after he saw someone kill a Hunter.

Overview Edit

Hunters (Also known as "Can of Worms", or "Gonorrhea Shooters") are made up of thousands of worms (or one big dick), who decided that they should form a hive creature because they got tired of being stepped on by other species on their home planet. Now, since they were oppressed by bigger things before, they like to T-Bag other Covenant races because they want them to know how it feels to be humped. They have joined alliances with the Elites because both species hate everyone and Gruntiness.

Picture 4

VOMITING never take an unlicensed bartenders "World Famous Drinking Challenge"

When fighting, Hunters are out-fitted with giant penis beams of doom, which they generally shoot at everything that makes them angry. They also carry giant shields that protect them from almost every weapon in the known universe, exept Chuck Norris, although with their armour they don't really need it. Like the other Covenant species the Hunters have to take a dip in the Butter cauldron before battle so sticky grenades will slide off instead of sticking to them. Because they are gay, they always come in pairs, and when their amigo is killed during a fight, they get extremely pissed and start to mush up anything in sight with the spikes on their back. This usually ends up with them dying a horrible and painful death because some n00b shot them with a very big explosive ( or humped them, hard to tell). Of course, this fit dose not bring their friend back to life, so it is completely fucking pointless. Some Hunters have Hunterishness. The reason Grunts are referred to as the Hunter's "Lil Bro" Is because before Lekgelo were discovered, the original blueprint for a Hunter involved taking several pounds of sliced Grunt meat and raising from the dead it with dark magic/Spartan diarhea. So they were literally the best thing since Sliced Grunts.


The Hunters are considered heretics because the prophets think they worship their Gruntiness, similar to playboy bunnies (Instead, they worship something called the Cadbury Egg (this gets changed every month) . Do not make fun of the Cadbury Egg in front of a Hunter, as it will get pissed and eat you like a Cadbury Egg (New(b) guy shows up) (Hunter shows up and eats him) . Careful of the hunters' back-attack, if they turn around they'll gut you and then this south park character will kiss you until he gets put in prison. Known candidates who have fought the hunters: Cobbercab, Kenny McCormick and many more......... they all died horribly painful deaths.

The Cadbury Egg or something is currently hiding underground (literally underground), so an interview was unable to be established-though a close associate gave a Munch on his behalf.

A lot of Hunters have a strong bond and have even been known to resort to inter-breeding. 2 known hunters that have engaged in this anti social act are Igido Nosa Hurru and Ogada Nosa Fasu.

Hunters NamesEdit

When it comes to give names to new worm-heaps the "parent" Hunters warm a bowl of alpahbet soup and smash it to pieces. If they find some letters scrambled around the broken porcelain, they use that as their name. When it comes to naming the individual worms you should probably just say Worm 1, Worm 2, Worm 3 etc etc. Then worm 1 jr. then worm 2 jr. then worm 3 junior...

Famous HuntersEdit

The most famous Hunter is Yrrah Gnivri, You may know him as Mr. Covenant 2325. He has starred in many movies like Forest Grunt, My Big Fat Green Weapon, and Worms Gone Wild.

  • Thee Pi Lourrd
  • Ae Pi Dood
  • Igido Nosa Hurru
  • Ogada Nosa Fasu
  • Givem Ee Pancakes
  • Porcupine Tim
  • Fuckedintheehead (IQ over 9000)
  • Verysmartass (Above's retarded bond brother)
  • Ogod imso horny
  • Igot crabs
  • holy shit imwormy
  • bungieis so gay
  • Iwent boomboom
  • Whatthe fuckis wrong withme
  • halopediais so horny
  • toystory3is sucky
  • Immah Fyring Mahlazar
  • Ima doinyo sista
  • Yomama issa fattee
  • Joe Biden's testicles
  • Jiggly Wiggly Figgly
  • Figgly Wiggly Jiggly (above's bond brother)
  • Noob Face Chase
  • Shoop Da Woop
  • Gigg Ity Gouu
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Michael J. Fox
  • Jerkwith Three Names
  • MadISlimMan (don't ask)
  • Bob Hope
  • Fus Ro Dah
  • Dovakiin (above's bond brother)
  • Heywood Jablome
  • Fuckhay Lopee Dia
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