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Meat and Taters.png

Meat and Taters were a Brute and a Grunt aboard the Covenant holy city of High Charity. In the time they spent there, they became best friends. (more...)

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"Nobody expects the Grunty Inqusition."


"Halo 5 is an insult to video games!"
— Official Xbox Magazine.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Picture1.png Fl00dz.jpg GeezerGamerTop.gif 120px-Killionaire Medal svg.png
From Gruntipedia archives...

  • ...that Carrier forms are made by taking a Grunt and putting a huge tan painted plastic baggy over its head. Then, the flood would put a tube into his butt and into the baggy. The grunt farted and the bag would stay over his head?
  • ...that if you get all achievements then your most likely to be this guy?
  • ...that if beat up a Grunt, the grunt will most likely blow up in your face with Gruntiness, instantly killing you?

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