AV Johnson
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Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Fag Grenade tosses YOU!Cquote2
— Sergeant Johnson
Cquote1Bet you can't stick it.Cquote2
Cortana to Master Chief when they are surrounded by angry, Death stick-wielding Elites
Cquote1These ones don't stick, remember?Cquote2
— Master Chief
Cquote1Oh yeah.Cquote2
— Cortana

Frag Grenades are crappy modern day grenades which won't stick to anything unless you wedge them in someone's armour. So far, Bungie has not made it stronger, leaving noobs to rely on other grenades in a futile effort to get kills. These grenades are only useful for warding off the fart breathers and sniper turkeys. The frag grenade, like its name says, is supposed to explode and fire sharp metal spikes into enemies, but Bungie was really lazy so they made it just


Pair of 'nades

explode normally.

While trying to snipe a n00b elite from the other side of the map, I noticed that he was staring at a frag grenade, trying to figure out how they worked. He then sought the opportunity to try and stick someone in mid-air with it. As he threw the 'nade, it hit the head of his opponent and ricocheted back to him. The rest went to my fileshare.

It is possible to stick them.. if you cover them in glue and ask them to hold the grenade on to them for the drying period and then to pull out the pin and scream.

Or another method is to throw it at someone and tell them to pass it back around two seconds before it explodes.

This grenade can bounce off walls, making it perfect for flushing n00bs out from hiding.

The most common death is when a someone pulls out the Gold Ticket at the complaint desk, where it says "Please, take one and wait". Needless to say, no-one has yet complained since the first 1,000,000 accidents.

The second most common cause of death from the frag grenade are noobs mistaking them as pine apples and pull of the "stem" before swallowing it whole.

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