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AV Johnson
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Cquote1How the f*ck do you expect this to kill anything?!Cquote2
— Annoyed marine
Cquote1Hmmm... this is the best thing I've ever seen.Cquote2
— A drunk marine
Cquote1I swear, Master Chief left EVERY M6D on Halo! What an asshole!!! Now I have to use this piece of crap!Cquote2
— Sergeant Pete Stacker, as well as everyone else

The M6C Magnum, otherwise known as the shitty replacement for the pistol in Halo 2 or the "shagnum is a human side-arm. The M6C is actually very useful, being used as a doorstop, counterweight in a Pelican, and a great sidearm for the Gay Rights weapon users. The M6C was originally meant to replace the M6D, but it was so crappy that Bungie decided to replace it with the M6G pistol in Halo 3, but for some weird reason the Halo 3 version was even CRAPPIER. The gun itself has no scope, which is why people find it easier to throw the pistol at enemies as opposed to shooting them with it. It is most likely used (aside from being something to cause blunt force trauma) to kill one's self after the Flood creatures get your friends. Though, suicide can only be done with at least 8 bullets from this crappy gun.

This weapon is so crappy, it has been known as the fagnum and the piss-tol. Seriously, who the heck made this!?.
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