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Juggernaut is a retarded game type, where one player (your mom) has retarded, unfair super powers like infinite ammo, free recharging overshield, and stronger damage. The other players must work as a team to kill this player. Or they can just fill them up with Needles. Then, the killer inherits the cheap-ass powers. It is used for newbie abuse and a meaningless sequence of bull that keeps going and going like that back to back. By claiming you will "train" them and then sneakily changing the game mode to this and owning them. Rumor has it that Gravemind came up with this retarded game mode. It certainly reeks of AIDS. Especially since he is the biggest n00b in the galaxy.

How to PlayEdit

Since this game only requires spotting the guy who must be pwnd the Juggernaut and keeping him at 1-shot untill it is ok to kill him, why not make it fun? Invite a full party of n00bs* and set it up so that Juggernaut has 4x Overshield, max damage resistance, max damage output, best invisibility, and score to 100 or more,or just put him/her/it on invunerable and I dont care about your lifestyles. If you start the game and you are not Juggernaut, end it and say you forgot something. Trust me Itll suck if your not. Rinse and repeat untill you are Jokernaut. Then ROFLMAO while all the n00bs try killing you to no avail. At the same time you must commit uber pwng to all the foolz that try to question your jugger of badassness. All while screaming "IM THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH" ..........titties

The Worst way to PlayEdit

It will be the most retarded match ever of jugsRcots if you are being stalked by a bunch of n00b pink elites. If this happens you must say the following chant 3 times"hey you, WTF have you done to my crapper! Clean it now"! After that the n00bs will become as n00bish as gravemind( not the how do I descope the S-rifle type of n00b, more like the why does the RL not lock on anymore type of n00b). Then you can begin the t-bag session of awesomeness against the anti-badassness. Do not let the pink elites corner you cause youll have to follow bushido and commit suicide with grenades to kill all. Or you can be a jerk and use a portable sun to blind the pedos and slip out of the map to the next map. If the pedos follow you dont call the po-pos cause they will be elites as well. Just keep running. RUN LIKE HELL!