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Jilan al-Cygni is a hot terrorist from another planet, and was known for having an affair with Mr. T before bombing harvest. It has also been reported that she is not Arab, but actually a Spaniard trying to fool people.

What she did to get where she is todayEdit

As a young girl, Jilan (real name:Francesca La-Nina) was convinced that people in the outer colonies were infidels, much do to her father's teaching.
At age seven, she attacked a homeless couple on the street. The result was her going to the home for juvenile delinquents, where she brutally tickled a poor hyper-ticklish little boy causing him to die.
Not much happened for 20 years, until she met Mr. T. After some terrorist acts, she randomly sexed him up, trying to look innocent or something. She was then arrested for giving him aids, even though it was discovered he was immune and stuff. The reason why she and Mr. T is hooked up is because how he liked how sexy she was, he just wanted to get a taste of her thick red-juicy lips, thought off getting a suck on her big floppy sausage titties and raping her vagina for the rest of his life.

Currently Edit

She is in prison, possibly dropping the soap on purpose. Current news casts have revealed her running through the prison braless and shouting 'HI!'. She appears to have broken out of prison as the URF and Scessicest of the Union or whatever they are have teamed up and located her and want to rape her. LOL