For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on IT'S DAMNED SELF.
Cquote1.pngI'm 28 and still single :'(Cquote2.png
— Every Halopedian there is
Cquote1.pngSo then, how many do we kill?Cquote2.png
— Halopedian Cabalist, on Gruntipedia
Cquote1.pngArbiter is so sexy, I'd hit that 2552-style.Cquote2.png
— Teenage Halopedian
Cquote1.pngNobody goes to Halopedia no more. It's too crowded.Cquote2.png
— Yogi Berra, during the points craze
Cquote1.pngYou don't know the power of the Cabal.Cquote2.png
Chancellor Palpatine of Halopedia
Cquote1.pngMiranda, your so sexy!!!Cquote2.png
— An average Halopedian commenting on how sexy Miranda is

The average Halopedian soldier.

Halopedia is a parody version of Gruntipedia. Whereas Gruntipedia focuses on encyclopedic information, Halopedia takes all our hard work and makes lame jokes out of it. Man, you'd have to be a real asshole to do something like that...anyway, Most Halopedians, unlike Gruntipedians, are not grunty. This is why you are here, and why I'm with your mother.

Smoke trying to rape male Halopedians.


Failopedia was founded in May 1991, shortly

Typical Halopedian

before the creation of Bungie Studios, due to an accident with a laptop, a time machine, and a bottle of Pepsi. Although the site had few Halo-related articles (Halo was still not released), it had a wide following and gave Bungie the idea to create a game known as Monkey Nuts, although Bungie never gave them credit. It had its ups and downs through Halo 1974, but, it prevailed. In 1975, a cabal was formed to hold all Failopedians in fear and to keep them editing. The mass terror backfired however, as users fucked, causing massive havoc among Halopedia. Also a crap load of users such as IJ3314 got blocked for an absolutely stupid reason editing the human page which is practice editing. This rebellion was soon tied with the former parent organization, P.E.T.A. Many of them are now in high positions, and are in charge of the rollback howitzers.

In the winter of 1980, Failopedia, in an effort to try and reduce the fail, many users got over 1,000,000,000 points in a few days, mainly by cramming hamsters up their ass. In order to reduce this, the Halopedia administrators altered the points, causing a rift between-liners and the neophytes.

In recent times, a really hated user was really... hated. He has the record for the most bans and kicks on wiki and IRC alike. Many call him the FailTroll, and as the name goes, he is indeed the most fail troll in Halopedia's history. Scorch933/Fixer40

Picture of the Halopedians making plans for their new weapons.

ShotgunGuy (he has used many different Alias) has been repeatedly pwnd with shenanigans, kicks and bans by Tony, Smoke, HaloDude(a real assturd), and Subtank. In fact, he got so pwned, he has now left for good. What a fail. May his incidents be remembered for their epic-failness. ATP2555 was the only person to know about Halo, but whenever he puts something there, some idiot comes and changes it, EVEN IF IT IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!! This is also the case of EchostreamFanJosh who provided information from Frank OConnor and the dumb ass halopedian admins wouldnt allow it.


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See the talk on M7/caseless submachine gun for a mildly entertaining argument.

*Gruntipedia would like to remind users that there is no Cabal. Really. What's that? No, ignore the mysterious tapping on your back door. Seriously, ignore it, or else.