Cquote1So buy one! Heck, buy two! That's an order, soldier!Cquote2
Sgt. Johnson
Wombat evolved

Buy it. We dare you.

Halo: Wombat Evolved (colloquially known as H: WE) is a really strange game in development by Crunchy Studios.

Story Edit

The Earth is under attack by the evil and mildly fanatic xenocidal (and possibly gay) group of aliens known as the Covenant. Being the last Wombat Super Soldier, you must kill them all, or, alternately, serve them some tea and ask them to leave nicely.

As you travel through at least 5 fun filled combat levels, you meet up with the Grunts, who, completely oblivious to being Covenant, help you kill themselves in some sort of disgusting assisted-suicide type of thing.

Controversy Edit

Despite not being released for another 4 3 2 1 years, H: WE has already sparked some controversy by game reviewers. Some, including Nintendo Power, say that the game is:

Cquote1Too childish, even for the Wii.Cquote2
— Nintendo Power

While others say:

Cquote1The black sheep of the Halo franchise, which is NOT a good thing.Cquote2

That, coupled with the fact that the Wombat's companion is reminiscent of one of the strippers from GTA IV, the game is expected to do very poor.