Yapyap III under disguise.

Cquote1Ha, BITCH!Cquote2
— Yapyap's punchline

Yapyap III who owned yet another Spartan with his unholiness.

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Yapyap III the Unholy was the Special OPS Unggoy which was cursed NEVER to EVER be like his father and his father. Well he had two fathers since Yapyap II became I and his son became II. At the battle of Alpha Base (Anyone who thinks I mean Alpha Halo go to hell). He hijacked a Banshee and pulled a gun at Zuka 'Zammee and told him to "Get up so I can do that again". And then he said "That's an actual Halo cannon quote from fellow Grunts" And then Zuka killed him but he got his revenge and (Didn't) killed Zuka at the Rmuta fo Mnutua. He is currently making an army of Grunts for his unholy purposes.