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Halo Wars Prophet

The prophet of Whatshisname with his balls on the ground

The Prophet of Whatshisname was a Testicle Chin who enjoyed killing monkeys and spreading butter on his balls for the Brutes to lick off. He was one of the most perverted and sketchy Testicle Chins because of this. His picture shows how sketchy he looked. He has two balls, one dull grey one and a shiny silver one. They were believed to be stolen after he was attacked and raped by AIDS covered Elites after he taunted them by exposing his balls to them. The reason his balls are, shall we say, apart from his body is because of the time he taunted Chuck Norris with them, and Chuck Norris dislikes anyone's balls other than his own. He grabbed his energy spork and castrated him while shouting "WHOS YOUR MAMA?!?!"


He was born on High Charity, in the boot of a Revenant because his Mom couldn't afford a hospital.

His mom, the "Ick Yack" was a disgusting and Chaotic Rainbow monster. This monster has killed many Transformers This monster raised Whatshisname and taught him lots of shit, like how to be a douche, how to be a politician and how to be disabled. He also learned how to make money annoy the **** out of people.

Whatshisname used a Whatsthislazor to blast away the Ick Yack because she kept on pinching him like it was her job, so then, he signed up for the help desk at IBM Covenant.

Later he became best friends with the prophet of Bob (Actually he preferred Bill) And became a well known prophet through the forces (hence the name "Whatshisname") He died after being subjected to pure gruntiness to make himself stronger. Little did he know that Gruntiness explodes if the user has smoked too much dope.

His funeral was attended by almost all covenant, and some humans because he liked humans. Mostly because he got to buy dope from them. Even God attended his fueral. Only to sit at the bar, drink beer, and laugh.