Cquote1You Rebellious Little Fools!!!Cquote2
— Typical Halopedia administrator on Gruntipedia
Cquote1So then, how many are we going to kill?Cquote2
— Typical Halopedian cabalist talking about Gruntipedia
Cquote1Yo dawg, I heard you like humor so I put it in your halo.Cquote2
— Simon rjh's plan to create Gruntipedia
Cquote1And you thought marines were stupid!Cquote2
— Any actual person when asked about Gruntipedia
Gruntipedia theory

This is how Gruntipedia came to be...

Gruntipedia is a group of freedom-fighters (wtf Freedom Fighters is a thing from Sonic) uberly awesome-ers dedicted to thwarting Halopedia's plans for world domination. They do this by ridiculing Halopedian propaganda - the Halo universe.

History Edit

Gruntipedia was founded by this fella on January 4, 2008, in between the 9th Age of Gruntiness and the 10th Age of Gruntiness. It was a successful site and had a mad crazy amount of users. Until late 2012 2010. When users stopped using this site. This is a result of the Halopedian Cabal. Now we are low on users that are active, 80% of us are AFK. But, we want you to join our numbers. We are growing stronger, and have even converted Halopedian bureaucrat Spartacus to our causes. We are growing in numbers, and soon ( this rate maybe 20 years) we will be able to overthrow Halopedia!

Squads and LeadersEdit



  • Yapyap, Dreikaiserbund (German Kaiser - Earth and her colonies)
  • MenacePotatoe, Grunty Overloard (provides nipple for Grunts)
  • Simon rjh, Dreikaiserbund (Czar of Russia - The Covenant and Her Colonies)
  • ADMYAMAMOTO, Dreikaiserbund (Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary - The Halos
  • Oggespartan117, Grunt Commandant
  • Kwarsh, Lord of the Dance
  • H3, Lord of the Dance
  • Manticore, Lord of the Dance
  • Oskarmandude, Duke of Cheesetown (Gruntiness Connoisseur)
  • J'Suz Kusov, Deacon

War against Halopedians Edit

The Gruntipedians have waged a long and bloody war with the corrupt organization known as "Halopedia".

Grunts Pack

MenacePotatoe leading a pack of Gruntipedians into glorious victory against the Halopedians

Our forces have been failing in recent years, and out numbers have been dwindling. Alas, we are losing. However we

have won a few battles against the Halopedians, which is impressive because they literally outnumber us 400 to 1. It proves that the force is with us.

Hierarchy Edit

Grunty Overlord/Chuck Norris /MC /Mr.TAdministratorsTiddles/The Arbiter

Pimpy Elites

Kick Ass Comedians


Lesser Comedians

Ronald McGoddamn Donald


Pablo the Outlaw


Dog Shit


Trivia Edit

  • Citations are hard to come by on here. In fact, there might be one or two citations on the whole wiki!
  • It is ruled by yours truly.