The Grunt Rebellion, also know as the Grunt Mafia, was a bloody war fought during the Third Age of Gruntiness.


In 2008, president Bush said that all aliens needed to be stopped. Now the Prophet of Misinterpretation assumed that meant the Grunts were going to do something, so he ordered all of the Jackholes to cook Grunt Eggs as omelets and serve them back to them. Then a Grunt full of Gruntiness read the Space Chicken's minds, and started blowing up thier hatcheries. The Grunts were also pissed off that the Testicle chins were killing them for their gruntiness.

First battleEdit

For some reason, the Elites defended the Jackals, which led to mass genocide of the splitlips. After 20 billion Elites were killed, sanghelios was almost glassed. However, it was christmas, so the Grunts decided to let the Elites live. Instead, the Grunts gave them Christmas presents! Double-A batteries and socks! What nice Grunts. :)

AIDS outbreakEdit

When a Jackhole had sex with Paris Hilton, he became infected with AIDS. He soon became Gravemind. Then he made love to many more Jackholes, infecting most of them. An unstopable army of AIDS came to Balaho.

Jackholes defeatEdit

Then Klum drank a gallon of gruntiness, and killed most of the Jackholes, and all of the AIDS. He then confronted the Prophet of Misinterpretation, and teabagged him brutally.

Rise of the CovenantEdit

The Grunts made a deal with the testicle chins, but were betrayed shortly.