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Cquote1Food Nipple=Food tit!Cquote2
— Grunt Kindergarten Teacher
Cquote1Mmmm... Food NipplesCquote2
— Hungry Grunt
Cquote1Me have bad feeling about this...Cquote2
— Random Grunt
Cquote1You always have bad feeling... You had bad feeling about morning food nipple!!Cquote2
— A Grunt, to the first one.

Don't let the design fool you, food nipple isn't that great.

The Food Nipple, or Alien Tit is the main thing that the Gods of the Covenant are awarded with. It produces a substance that resembles cheese that smells like feces, but they love it. It has been known that Grunts need to go to the Nipple Academy for training on its exquisite manufacture.

Through a long and odd process, the secretion produced by the Food Bewbz can be made into a hallucinogenic drug. The hallucinogenic drug version of the Food Bewbz makes the user actually think they can fly, so Grunts inject themselves with it. One of the side effects is that it makes the brain all different colors and compacts the brain. That is why when shot in the head grunts seem to have confetti fly everywhere. Their multicolored, high-pressured brain explodes.

Grunt Ultra

The grunts living in the ghettos of High Charity carry these signs

Baby bottle

The Human Version Of Food Nipple

In the war, it was reported that many of the Covenant Gods translated secret messages through the sludge, possibly by taste or a different degree of crap ratio. When shot fatally, their heads keep exploding, causing the Covenant to smell the crap of the leftover Food Nipple. If any other species feeds off of a nipple, they will die. If a Grunt eats poop, they will instantly go to drink from food bewbz. When the grunt feeds off the food bewbz, he becomes all f'ed up and tries to stick a plasma grenade to his scrotum.