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Cquote11n 20v13t Ru2214, f14g c4p7ure2 Y0U!Cquote2
— 1337 n00b
Cquote1What so important about that stupid flag anyway? It's a f***ing flag!Cquote2
— Nameless Marine no one cares about
Cquote1Everyone, Everyone! Behold, I have the flag. Look up unto it flappines. I have been to the top of the mountain and (he gets shot) GURK... I lived as few men dared to dream...!Cquote2
— Fanatical Grunt from Red vs. Blue

A photograph of someone stealing the flag. Was featured in an art gallery.

The Flag (also known as The Pole of Truth With A Piece of Cloth Attached To It) is an absolutely worthless amazing piece of cloth that gets stuck to a pole, and you can't take it off. But why would you? It's so flappy! Because of its flappiness, sometimes people want to take it from you, and sometimes, you want to take someone else's flag. However, only you can touch the flags, remember? So, you're supposed to take the flag from the other team's base; if you have their flag, you will have two flags, and the other team will have none. That means you win, in more ways than one. Unfortunately, no one cares about capturing the flag and they usually just kill each other until the game is over.

Picking up the flag makes everyone on the other team get jealous of you, so they shoot their guns at your hands to try to make you drop it. However, most people have crappy aim and end up shooting you in the head and killing you. Avoid the flag at all costs if you are not holy enough to touch it. If they teabag you because you got the flag, its usually because they are so jealous of you for having it they want you to feel uncomfortable so you don't take it again. Blasphemy!

You see the flag in Capture the Flag mode. It's right next to the headlight fluid