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Cquote1Wort wort wort?Cquote2
— An Elite being asked what a Drinol was
Cquote1I bet they're almost as ugly as us!Cquote2
— A Jackal being asked what a Drinol was
Cquote1*Quaking growl*Cquote2
— A Hunter being asked what a Drinol was
Cquote1The crypt is split, the dark escapes, the Drinol comes, the corpses quake.... I mean... I do not know.Cquote2
— Gravemind being asked what a Drinol was
Cquote1 No I don't know, but I'd probably bitch about it if I saw one.Cquote2
— a marine being asked what a Drinol was.
Drinol Ingredient

Fresh Grunts, ready to be processed to the famous Grunt Dip and Grunt Meatballs


A Drinol render

Drinols, otherwise known in Nerdish as Gigantasaurus Neverappearus and Drildoes, is some massive creature. It has been revealed through use of the Bestiary that the Gigantasaurus Neverappearus is actually the cook for the Covenant. They specialize in such favorites as Drone Guano Surprise, Grunt Dip, Drone on a Stick, Prophet Jelly, Grunt Meatball , Petes Elites, Brute fruits, "'Brute Balls'" and Sniper Turkey Jerkey, Chicken Noodle Soup, fresh Spartan, master chief semen soup,

As it turns out, the name Drinol already exists. The true Drinols were booted from the Halo series beccause they had no combat skills other than running around like an idiots waving it's arms and whacking every object. As for the "Gigantasaurus Neverappearus", a better name could not be found, so we just called them Drinols.

Everyone and everything hates them because they are ugly walking fucks that look like the lovechild of an AIDS Brute and a Hunter.