picture explains his life

what Prometheans do

The Foreskin who likes to eat a lot. When he was 12, his mother got him a giant tennis ball bed. One day he got in a massive bar fight with a human. He picked up a chair and rammed it down the humans throat saying yo dog I fuck y bihct is ho ass ho. He then picked up a bottle and glassed him.

Years later, he was having a kip when master chief woke him up. He decides to destroy the human race in his tennis ball bed. He decides to look for influence in Hitler's "Final solution". he's a Nazi. He wants to commit genocide and wipe out the hole human race. He used to beat his wife so she wants him dead. she tells chief to kill him. He decides to steel a giant dildo which makes sweet music. He makes it fire hot red gas cum onto Earth. This is the sexual version of gas chambers. He also has made plans in advance to be Jimmy Saville. Kidnapp young children, screw them and stick some armour on them. Prometheon knights are born.

In the mean time, chief and cortana are trying to do a suicide pact. However, before they get the chance, Cortana thinks herself to death so chief can't live with the pain anymore. The crazy bastard decides to detonate a nuclear bomb to kill himself after sticking a kick me grenade on the dickdacts back. The dickdact blows up and chief does too but magicaly makes it back to Earth. the dickdact comes back crying and tries to say sorry, but he doesn't want to so he shoots himself. He rapes himself on his way to hell and revive cortana so she can revive the didankcds plans of galactic fuckicide.

The dickdact song:

In the middle of requiem born and raised,

In a cryptum is wher I spent most of my days. Chilling out

maxing relaxing or cooling and flying round ruling all of requiem.

When a guy and his AI who were up to no good,

started causing trouble in my neighbour hood. i got in one little fight,and chief got scared,

I'm going to do what I've always dared!

I pulled up to the station and when I got near,

I stole the composer - said you hos - kill u later.

Aimed it on Earth. The humans are dead!

That's when chief got me in my basketball bed!

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