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Boren's Syndrome is a debilitating Human disease that causes the people nearby the victim to think the victim was part of the Spartan-Is. The most famous victim of Boren's Syndrome is the badass foo who survived from the disease.

The Public Edit

When word of this disease came to the public, some people made up a list of symptoms so it looks like any other disease. People said that it was caused by smelly Carbine ammo being erected ejected and by Plasma Grenade radiation.

Symptoms Edit

Johnson Tumors

Johnson suffers from Boren's Syndrome and needs Grunti-therapy due to the tumors that pop-up weekly

The symptoms of this disease includes tumors, migraines, and scientists diagnosing you with this disease to cover up the fact that you are a Spartan I. There's side effects of Boren's Syndrome like Flood immunity, and many many more. Though, the scientists who "discovered" this disease don't want to say more about it because it might contradict with the information they already said. This disease can be treated with many weeks of Grunti-therapy.

Actual Origins Of The DiseaseEdit

The actual origins of HIV Boren's Syndrome is that the Prophet Of Haters was eating his steak one day, and upchucked all over his table. So he went back to the supermarket and killed the salesperson who sold it to him, then went home. And when he returned home, he found out the vomit was actually liquid hate that defends against AIDS and fucks you up. And to satisfy his maniacal urges to destroy humanity, he began spreading his liquid hate through the following liquids:


Vaginal Fluid

the brains of the uber retarded noob

Milk (all kinds)

Juice (all kinds)


noob brain

Protein Shakes

did I mention noob brain?!?!

This led to humanity discovering Boren's Syndrome, and it being thought of as radiation sickness, because humans are dumbasses.