• Veatheag

    it's a me

    March 25, 2017 by Veatheag


    honey you got a big stormm comin

    a real big one

    honey :)

    ~~signatures are for cisgenders~~

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  • Gruntyoverlord

    I'm back!!

    February 3, 2017 by Gruntyoverlord

    Hey guys, I'm back. Sorry I haven't been doing much on the wiki recently, so I'm going to try and help out more. I hope you guys like my articles!! Read the prophet of turkeys page! Feel free to help out with it!

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  • Gruntyoverlord

    Hey, I don't know if I should get halo5 or not because of multiplayer. I have heard it isn't that good. But it is still halo... should I buy?

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  • Alex-3402

    Grunt awesomeness

    May 20, 2016 by Alex-3402

    Grunts are awesome

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  • Oskarmandude

    How are you all? I'm Oskar (not to be confused with Oskar), an admin of Gruntipedia. Jesus Christ, I haven't been here in ages...

    I remember in 2011, I decided to copy and paste "Type-50 Sniper Rifle System" into Google, and there I discovered Gruntipedia. I was very much an avid contributer, I made sure to edit as often as possible, make many new articles and overhaul many articles. Oggespartan117 couldn't moderate the site as often as he used to, and at the time he was the only admin still active, so the torch was passed on to me.

    Becoming an admin really made me appreciate the small community this site has further, but as time went on, as school started to matter more, I kind of forgot about this place... Damn, the last time I made a genu…

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  • Spartacus0898

    Bot Proposal

    March 28, 2016 by Spartacus0898

    Hey everyone, this just a quick proposal to have my bot, Spartabot flagged as a bot here. As you may know, there is a lot of work to do here (especially with categories), which is very time consuming. I am hoping to reduce the workload a bit by using my bot to rectify many things. Spartabot runs using Auto Wiki Browser, allowing it to do a variety of tasks. I have already begun testing it out on my sandbox wiki. You can see examples of what types of functions it can perform here.

    So what will it be? Yea or nay?

    Regards, Gruntipedia Staff.

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  • Spartacus0898

    Greetings everyone! First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Spartacus0898 (aka occasionally Spartacus), an administrator of this fine wiki, chat moderator on Halo Nation, and a Bureaucrat on Halopedia. Recently this wiki was adopted by MenacePotatoe and he subsequently promoted me to a sysop to assist in the massive cleanup task. Today I'm here to lay down some guidelines which will hopefully make this an enjoyable place to be for everyone, without causing offense.

    It seems as though for the past few years that pretty much anything was fine, including racism, sexual content (even jokes about rape), and homophobia. I'm going to make this very clear, such content will not be tolerated at any time, as it violates the Wikia Terms of Use. Any use…

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  • MenacePotatoe

    Help me

    March 7, 2016 by MenacePotatoe

    I need help finding pages that need to me Splazered (deleted). If you find one, please let me know!

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  • MenacePotatoe

    As you may know, I'm unofficially/officially adopting this fine wiki.

    That being said, just about everything needs editing to fix what the horrible, non-funny people have done here.

    Here's a list of everything I want left alone. just about everything else needs funnier stuff, and less rediculous profanity/numbers, Example, none of "then he shot him 99999999999999999999 times" yes, this has appeared. it is not even funny. but, here's a list of stuff to LEAVE ALONE for now:

    • Soulja Boy the Jackal (I love that page the way it is)
    • All the difficulty level pages: Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic.
    • Prophet of Haters
    • Gruntiness
    • Unggoy
    • M6D Magnum (Perfect, and the guy spent so much time re-writing the first chapter of Genesis)
    • UNSC Marine Corps
    • Noobs…
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  • MenacePotatoe

    Just Curious

    January 13, 2016 by MenacePotatoe

    How the heck is there a "gruntipedia"?

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  • Oggespartan117

    Hello, my beloved Grunts!

    As the title implies, I'm looking for a new background for the site. I'll try to look for one by myself, but any suggestions will be appreciated. If for some reason this doesn't sit well with you, I'm open for discussion.

    In the event that I find one, I'll make a poll so that your voice can be heard regarding the change.

    May the Great Journey be with you!

    Oggespartan117 (ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL) 21:49, November 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • MCGPY the duke of awsomeness

    If been busy OK! I've got three other wiki's to attend to dammit! So don't decrease my little number thingy OK!

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  • MCGPY the duke of awsomeness


    October 15, 2014 by MCGPY the duke of awsomeness

    I started a live chat, I'm the only one there.

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  • Oggespartan117

    Hello there, anyone who sees this, I got my mojo back! If I'm lucky enough, I'll probably start being active again!

    It has been far to long since I last visited this site and it saddens me whenever I read through my broken promises of return. I will try to make atleast one major edit per week for as long as I can.

    Sincerely, Oggespartan117

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  • Grunt Ultra 9

    Welcoming Back

    November 9, 2013 by Grunt Ultra 9

    Hello fellow Gruntipedians, I'm sorry I was gone for a while. I was going through some dark times, but now I'm back. I'm here to suck methane, and kick some Gludeous Maximus

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  • Sack of Nuts

    I wrote a story featuring some of you and some guys from another wiki. The other wiki has some pretty stupid shit, but it was fun to make this.

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  • Bladesofsdoom

    I'm here just to say I'm starting to try with Gruntipedia again! Yay! Or not maybe. I don't know...


    So yeah.

    Mainly what I'll be doing is finding short articles and adding a paragraph or two. 

    Bladesofsdoom (talk) 19:19, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Oggespartan117


    April 21, 2013 by Oggespartan117

    When Admiral returned I realized how long I have been inactive myself, which is saddening.

    I don't know how many of you who'll read this but I apologize deeply for not giving some reason but I'll tell it now.

    Last year I began to spiral into melancholy and before I knew it, I had become victim of clinical depression as a subset of my Asbergers'. As everything from grades to visits began to plummet I distanced myself from you out of shame and disappointment at myself.

    However depressive as it might be, I have begun recovering and in autumn I'll hopefully join a school for people with autistic disorders and get my groove back.

    I have been proud of this site the entire time though, because how could I not be? Despite a past full of obscurity, van…

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    I'm Back

    April 21, 2013 by ADMYAMAMOTO

    Hello gang. I am back after quite a few years. Real life called me way and I gradually forgot about Gruntipedia.  :( Anyways, I will be here but not a lot but I'm back.

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  • Oskarmandude

    Halo is more realistic

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  • Oskarmandude

    They are on the bottom of the main page, be sure to check weekly for new polls.

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  • Maddislimane


    April 4, 2013 by Maddislimane

    Mah internet is delayed till monday so yep.

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  • Maddislimane

    I AM GOING TO HAVE INTERNET AT APRIL 2ND!!!!!!!!!! I f something good happened to you over the past few weeks Tell me please. :D Free The Mind Biatch. (talk) 12:12, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Master of Halo


    February 25, 2013 by Master of Halo

    Hello im new but i love halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Maddislimane

    This page lets you debate about elite penises. are they bad or good? Write in the comments section for your personal comment.

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  • Sack of Nuts

    As a big ass-fan of Mincefart Minecraft and the Clay Soldiers Mod, I have decided to make a series of Clay Soldier Minecraft maps based off of the War On Pants, Kwarsh's battle with Thee Pi Lourrd, the time J'Suz Kusov fought a Noobasauras Rex, and many more. I also plan to make adventure maps based off of some other events, although I'll probably be doing the War Murals for the WOP before any of this.

    I'll post the link to each map in seperate blog posts, ending with a final post linking to all of them.

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  • Sack of Nuts

    I haven't had internet for a few days which is why I haven't been here for a long time. And I won't have it for a while more. Don't think something bad happened to me, Maddis and other friends.

    UPDATE: I may be on here more. I have permission to use someone elses computer so I will be doing a few updates every few days.

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  • Sack of Nuts

    Guess who's back, back again. Pancake's back, tell a friend.

    Why did I leave?

    I didn't really mean to, I just got sucked into another humor wiki. And there was way more stuff going on in there so I was there all the time. But now I've decided to quit that wiki, so here I am again.

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  • Oskarmandude

    Gruntipedian of the month and Grunt of the month were both harshly inactive, so what about we make a Grunt's Picks page?

    It's pretty much a vote, Gruntipedians get to vote on pages to be featured and I have two ideas for systems:

    1. When a page gets an amount of votes, it will be featured until another page gets featured (All scores on other pages get reset)
    2. The page that gets the most votes and the end of the month become featured until another page kicks it off of its throne

    So whaddya think people?

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  • Stukka Bomb Diver

    Its me Hulljumper 141, founder of the Stukka Bomb Divers. I am about to change my name to Stukka Bomb Diva becuase I am the cheiftman and the a must replace the er to show signifance power.

    I miss this site.

    PS: If a vandal dare messed up my Stukka Bomb Diver page I will personally track him down, rip his eyes out, and shove his eyes down his throat so HE CAN SEE ME RIP OUT HIS CARCASS!!!

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  • Oskarmandude


    June 15, 2012 by Oskarmandude


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  • Oskarmandude


    Not yet, but with help, it will happen, sign this petition, sign it in another browser, sign it in another ip, sign it on another computer, share it to everyone you know, even your enemies, tell them to sign it in every way possible.


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  • Oskarmandude

    Guess what, I'm an admin now! If you have any problems on this site, you should talk to any admin you know on their talk page, the link to my talk is below.

    If you are curious, you'll be wondering

    "Oskar, how did you find out about Gruntipedia and climb your way up the ladder of Gruntiness?"

    Well, one day, I was cruising around on the most evil of things, I was on the Beam Rifle article on Halopedia, out of boredom, I copied and pasted Type-50 Sniper Rifle System into Google and a miracle happened, sorta.

    I found an article on "Type-50 Sniper Rifle System" on a place called Gruntipedia, also known as Unhalo, which ringed a bell to me as Uncyclopedia.

    I entered the site and laughed at the humour, then I thought "Hey, I should make my own comedies …

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  • Bladesofsdoom

    This dude called Gonzales linius has made a gruntipedia/halopedia peace site. Making articles that are basically crude and bad [and ass but in a bad way] humour. It's called "halo rebels". It even has "Halo rebel fun:"

    It's a direct copy of gruntipedia but gaylopedia as well!

    Check it out admins:

    Message the owner. I wanted to. But i thought you'd get high if i said i was the "gruntipedian ambassador" Say... i like that! CAN I HAZ AMBASSADORSHIT... Uh, i meant ship.

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  • Bladesofsdoom

    I'm dividing this into pros and cons.


    A dude who shall not be named [ i will ask him if he wants to and then i shall ask if he wants to be recruited] posted some really intresting opinion on halowiki unfairness. Shame it got deleted.

    I made a new friend! [him]

    I epicpwned ultra force.

    I told him he couldn't mentally comprehend what i was saying... his reply. was. a fail.


    I was banned for harassment.

    The prophet of humiliation has emerged. Posting bastardy stuff about me.

    Ultra force is being so much more of a bitch/bastard [whatever he wants to call himself] recently.

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  • Oggespartan117

    ... But I did not expect the leader of our Italian colleagues to be the friggin vanguard of assholery. I barely had time to make an friendly blog post before he deleted and called me a vandal. What's with all the aggro?


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  • Oskarmandude

    The Gruntipedian of the Month is like any other "of the Month" system, you vote for users, and the user with the most votes is the GotM!

    You even get a badge, so come on, start voting!

    Caution. . 00:19, January 14, 2012 (UTC) Read more >
  • Bladesofsdoom

    Merry truthmas gruntipedia! [wait what!?]

    IT'S ME!


    Anyway you all know what truthmas is, the time of goodwill when we all go round inviting halopedians in to our homes having a nice chat, poisoning them. A fun time of happiness. well, i borrowed blade's account to wish you a happy truthmas! in the morning your family will give you the skulls of halopedians. And stuff. Also, i wish us a happy 2012 as you are my best friends.

    BYESY BYE!!!

    Truth. 31st of december whatty twelve.

    Bladesofsdoom 17:53, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

    PS: isn't this new year.

    Truth: shurrup

    Blades: HEY!

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  • Bladesofsdoom

    Ok friends, we won't take down halopedia in 2012 but it'll be a good year, things will be lookin good. and in the end we may make peace with halopedia and then declare war... 7 times. Anyway blades is really looking forward. and btw i'm not blades. he's my pet/friend. i help him write his material it's a good partnership. anyway, he's expecting his covvie friends to turn up. and his friend Chap chap the grunt is coming over, the snobbiest grunt in the world.


    CHRISTMAS! I New year!

    the time of getting drunk.

    i however won't be celebrating oh no!

    I will be laughing as i own noobs on xbl MWAHAHAHAH!

    fine. maybe


    oh yeah happy new year halopedia. no apocalypse but a mass exodus for you!!!

    People grow out of halopedia ya know!


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  • Oskarmandude

    Hell Yeah!

    December 31, 2011 by Oskarmandude

    It's 2012 people! It will be the end, but only to Halopedia, brothers and sistsers, let us unite and take them down!

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  • Oskarmandude

    Wassup! Have a happy Christmas (if you celebrate it, by the way, is it wierd that I'm not religious but I do?)! Yesterday, (yes the 24th I do it because I can) I got a few books, some RC car (everyone is a liitle bit childish in their own way), a new, awesome power supply for my computer, a pimp graphics card, a 32 bit to 64 bit upgrade for my Windows 7 Home Premium and tons of games.

    Xbox 360:

    • Battlefield Bad Company 2


    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Sucks balls)
    • Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition
    • Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition
    • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    • Battlefield 2: Complete Collection (NOT BAD COMPANY)
    • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
    • Unreal Tournament 3 Black
    • Unreal 2: The Awakening
    • Hydrophobia: Prophecy
    • Mass Effe…
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  • Bladesofsdoom


    December 1, 2011 by Bladesofsdoom

    Thousunds of times a year a grunt is ganged up on and raped by brutes. We want this to continue stop. Here at HGSGB [helping grunts survive Gruntipedia Branch] we help veteran grunts live their lives after raping. Take Bop Bop, he was raped by Tartarus and his gang. He was left with sixteen degree burns [More than six they hurt badly]

    "It was gooooooood" Chimed in bop bop

    Anyway, donate all your money to HGSGB today!!!!!!

    HGSGB is not an established charity, it's probrably a con.

    Text rip off to Bladesofdoom if you wanna donate.

    Gruntipedians are a dying species, the halopedians drove them to extinction cause the bastards published mean stuff at them...

    it wasn't very nice.

    Donate money



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  • Bladesofsdoom

    Blades angarrr!!!!!

    November 27, 2011 by Bladesofsdoom

    Yeah i is back!

    But also opressed!

    For a recent amount of time, i have been on halopedia... crusading [and stuff to do with whores]

    And now i've been unbanned! so thats why... then

    i went on chat to talk abouy opression! and then on came more opression!

    with... guess.


    i wanna compile a list of heretics...


    "Heretics" is coming now.


    Start new section of BLAWGYY


    The opressors are opressing.


    I will stay strong my fellow grunts.

    They even went on to say i dont like halo!!!!!

    Guess who the ban was enforced by?

    Chuck norris?

    Well , decent guess i suppose.



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  • Oggespartan117

    Gruntipedia Meme page?

    November 18, 2011 by Oggespartan117

    In our almost 4 years of talking about the lesser people behind their backs and writing down authentic useful information we have sometimes reused themes and jokes more times than a Spartan reuses his armor.

    I'm planning to compile our best, modest and worst memes and in-jokes on a special page and if you have any suggestions or opinions I would like to hear them in the comments section.


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  • Bladesofsdoom

    Guys, this is an update to the one i made a few days ago. Since the incident and the attempt of an uprising on halopedia, i have been formulating something weird and so insignificant that it might be accepted. I propose a new law on gruntipedia. It's rules are: "Never apologise to a halopedian" Or Blades's law.

    Thoughts on this?


    Bladesofsdoom 12:07, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Bladesofsdoom

    My comrades, now the enemy has gone too far! I have been banned from halopedia for the mere crime of speaking out against chat and gruntipedian opression. the reply stated: "i do not opress people, now you will be banned until you apologise." It's outrageos i told them that we did not like opression. and they spat in mah face. This disgusting admin who shall not be named [ultra force] banned me forever. Apparently in the gruntipedia article, Ultra force was a gruntipedian. if this piece of information is true at all then he has switched sides. or wharever crap he does.



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  • Oskarmandude


    October 21, 2011 by Oskarmandude

    Recently I have been making mods for Halo Trial, H3 Coagulation is on Halodemomods, it's a nice mod.

    I'm making other epic mods and you can even request a mod.

    Caution. . 10:09, October 21, 2011 (UTC) Read more >
  • Pope Yapyap III

    Return of the Grunt

    September 17, 2011 by Pope Yapyap III

    I'm back. Hopefully for more than a day this time. I'll be removing inactive administrators, fixing templates, and, in general, improving the organisation of Gruntipedia.

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  • J'Suz Kusov

    I am working on a comic series called "Aliens 'N Shit" that is going on FunnyJunk. I can do 90% of the drawings myself but I might occasionally need that helping hand (no homo). I already have Oskarmandude helping but if you want to be a part of this then say so now. I'll give you credit on FunnyJunk by linking to your Gruntipedia page or if you have a FunnyJunk account I'll link that. ILLMATIC(STOMP EM IN TEH NUTZ!) 12:22, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

    UPDATE 9/6/11: The comic series is being renamed to "Sekuf the Alien Bum"

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  • Bladesofsdoom

    Ok, i need your opinions, honest opinions.

    BLADESOFDOOM the elite: Is he good?

    Or is he just a hunter in duisguise?[Transwormers, hunters in disguise!]

    So tell me.

    Am i making you laugh?

    Or am i making you groan?


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