Cquote1H3H3H3H! 1 H4Z 73H PWNZ0RZ!!!Cquote2
— Noob, on the Auto Turret

The Auto Turret is a gun turret used by noobs afraid of the hyper-ninja-super-uber-zombie-pirate-ninjas. The Auto Turret was also used as a vengence weapon against the overlords of the universe after they left Micro$oft. Microsoft infected the Auto Turrets with the blue screen of death. unfotunatly it became retarded and now will shoot its owner in the face if your in the way of an infection form. They are products if the Forerunners which can probably be the reason they all died. They are way to freakin' weak.

Weapon SpecsEdit

The Auto-Turret is equipped with a Zero Apprehension Proton (ZAP) launcher and a Popcorn popper. It also has 4 pointy corners on it that instantly kill you if you touch them.


Other than using it as a 2 second diversion against AIDS, the Auto-Turret has a couple uses. Our educated scientists of Gruntipedia used their Gruntiness to discover these many uses: 1. Soccer 2. Stress Relief 3. Cooking a Turkey

4. Checking how deep a pit is

5. Sniper practice

6. Stickey 'Nade practice

7. Future Ninja-star training

8. All of the below


It zaps Popcorn and has a small estimated life-span.

Useful Equipment
Gruntiness' Dumb Brother | That Green Orb Plant that heals you | The Mine that can be seen a mile away | Yellow Ball of gay-version of Gruntiness | Blue Shield Thingy
Crappy Equipment that makes you wonder why Bungie put them in Halo
Blue Ball of Suckage of life | White-yellow soup fog | Feel the breeze under you | Thing that makes radars play music and go insane
Other stuff
Good for ugly people like Brutes | Most abused by noobs | Something your mom uses everyday