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Brief overviewEdit

2401 Penitent Tangent

(sigh) This sucks...

2401 Penitent Tangent is the world's sexiest lightbulb who useed to serve as a Fartmas decoration for Gravemind. 2401 Penitent Tangent glows red because he is always aggressive because Gravemind used him as a piss can and got him a friend that regrets everything he does and is very annoying. So, Penitent talked to a Cunter about his problems. Since the Hunter would only quake at his problems, Penitent angrily left. Penitent is probably infertile, since he doesn't have any kids even after many trials like most AI (with the exception of Cortana) and Monitors. Also, he doesn't have a dick, stupid.

Soon after his brief stunt in Halo 2, he realized just how useless he was and decided to commit suicide. Unfortunately for him, the only way to kill floating lightbulbs is by laser explosions which only comes out in Halo 3. Overcome by sadness, 2401 Penitent something attached himself to a light fixture and blew up somehow... But he survived because gravemind repaired him. It is possible he is the badass version of 343 Guilty Spark (before rampacy) and should actually be listened to more than that dumbass F%<K.

Life after Halo 2Edit

2401 penitent tangent escaped from Gravemind by shouting "Hey look, Cortana is over there!". As Captain stinky breath was distracted for a second while preparing his special Penis Tentacles, Penitent Tangent leaped (well, floated) into action. He called in 7 Sentinel Enforcers called Huey, Douie, Duey, Luey, Pingas, Weegee, and Bilbo. As Gravemind tried to rape them, Tangent hopped (floated) aboard a spare Forerunner Dreadnought. At this moment, Tangent received a phone call from his old buddy, Guilty Spark. Spark said that everyone was attending a party at the Ark after it had dryhumped the universe. Tangent said "Hell yeah!" revved up his Dreadnought, accelerated it into Slipspace and crashed it into straight into Hula Hoop 04 's Replacement. As soon he had crashed, Tangent zoomed to the control room to meet up with his best buddy, 343 Guilty Spark. When he got to the control room, he discovered it wasn't there, Spark was dead and the shit had hit the galactic fan. The only thing he could do at this point was PAR-TAY! for some reason. Eventually he came back to his senses and decided the next step was to don 343 Guilty Spark's Robotic Deal-do and go on an epic journey to rape Lamemind.