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I see you...


Typical Field Pimpie

Field Marshal

Poor guy.

Cquote1Wort wort wort.Cquote2
— Field Marshal on almost everything
Cquote1Twerk twerk twerkCquote2
— Miley Marshal Cyrus
Cquote1No i'm not Satan, dumbass.Cquote2
— responding to a rookie's question about his head
Cquote1NEIN NEIN NEINCquote2
— Field Marshal going Hitler for not taking any sanity pills
— Looking at an Elite female
Cquote1I've got something to Putin you.Cquote2
— Typical Soviet Field Marshal
— Discovering Halo 4
Cquote1Oh my fucking blobbity blob. AM I IN FUCKING HYPER LINKS?! Cquote2
— Field Marshal discovering he's covered in hyperlinks.

Field Marshals or Satan-looking Freaks are types of honored dinos that always bosses Zealots around and spend time asking them to give it blow or hand jobs. Known for it's emo-ness in Halo: Reach and staying in one corner practically the entire game just picking it's ass, fapping and going all 21#$%#$%##$%^$$%^26621 and best known for sexually assaulting Noble Team because of EXTREME BOREDOM.

They usually toy around with Energy Dildos and start dancing.

Famous Field MarshalsEdit

  • Be Bop Bam 'Beee
  • Doctor 'Drayee
  • Doro 'thee (the first female Elite to meet the Wizard of Oz)
  • Cook 'ee (resembles Cookie Monster)
  • Aiy Dee Aiych 'Dee (or ADHD for short)
  • Your 'momee
  • George 'Bushee (first Elite to bash the Twin Towers and toy around with the US)
  • John F. 'Kenedee
  • I Need to Take a 'Crapee
  • Its 'shinee
  • Stopbeing 'whinee
  • Tine 'ee
  • Garbage 'Dayee
  • Wa Loo 'Eejee (rival of Luigee)
  • You're 'sillee
  • Muhammad 'alleee (famous really-heavy-weight boxer)
  • Mr. 'Tee
  • Ezio 'Auditoree (HUGE fan of Assassin's Creed)
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